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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Duties and Benefits of Social Media Managers

Hello Everyone!
The need  for Social Media Managers is on the rise! Businesses are hiring them everywhere.
Because everyone and everything has been gaining an online presence
   Social media managers are here to make your life easier by generating more business exposure for you in a professional manager and help you gain new customers and friends.
   You will have a more successful business and you don’t even have to do anything online yourself
Though you can if you would like.
   The majority of smaller businesses want to spend 5-9 hours a week on Social Media, but can’t seem to establish the image they want. 
   As a social media manager, I am not taking away you’re glory as a business owner, I am simply giving you an even better image that you can bask in, however you do not have to do anything. You hire me and I take care of it.
Increase search ability for your business.
Help relieve stress from small business owners by giving time back to them. Now you can do whatever you want during your free time, instead of promoting yourself on Facebook, twitter etc.
I simply act as an assistant to you by doing your busy work in promoting, sharing photos and info, making fans, and getting the word out for you.
As a business owner, you are aware that you need to stand out from other businesses. You understand you need to do something to promote your business, otherwise you will be lost in the mix of competitors out there.
However: you may not know exactly how to do this or you may not have the time needed to succeed in this area.
With a background in Communication Studies at the State University of NY at Oswego,
I have the expertise and knowledge in social media networks. I also have the time to do it, because it is my job.
So what are you waiting for?
Let's get started.

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