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About Me

I'm Franee Mills. 
I am 23 years old and just got married June 22 to my high school sweetheart Kevin.
I have a cat named Twink who is 3 and I adore.
I went to SUNY Oswego and got my bachelor's in Communication Studies with a special interest
in Interpersonal Communication. 
With this knowledge in mind, I started my business up in March 2013, and I love being my own boss.
I've always had a passion for communicating and helping people!
 As a social media manager, I love being able to help grow businesses/images stronger. 
I am excited to meet new clients, see my business grow, and to obtain new knowledge along the way! 
Basic Information about me:
Part time: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 5-7 hours a day. 
(those days in between are a good rest on posting for social networking- don't wanna overdo it!)
Starting Time: 9am-4pm. 5-7 hours a day working for all my businesses.
Weekly Hours: 30 and under. 
My hourly rate: $20
Payment Accepted: Pay-pal or Personal Checks
Email address:

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