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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello! Welcome to my business blog!

Hello Friends,
My name is Franee and I am here to make things easier for you.

Let me start by asking you a few questions. 

        1. Do you often get stressed/confused when posting photos, statuses, and making events on Facebook?
        2. Are you annoyed that your Facebook page and posts may not look how you want it to?
        3. Are you bummed that no matter how often you post new things, you are not getting a larger     feedback circle?
4. Wouldn't it be cool to have your business popular on several social networking website, and not just Facebook?

If you are feeling this way with any of these things, you may be in need of a Social Media Manager.
Hi! I can help you.
Let's consider a few more questions;

1. Would you be excited if you were getting more comments and customer affection towards your business?
2. Would you like to become friends and be well known with your customers?
3. How would you feel about having an outstanding business image, have more customers business flow, and be given some more free time than you do now?

Hello once again! I am capable of helping you with all these things, because I am a Social Media Manager.
It is my job to handle your social media networks, and really boost your business.
I have expertise in these areas, particularly social networking, and am able to professionally guide you and your business.
From internet marketing, social media networking, and promoting your business, I can give you back some free time by doing all this for you. 
This is an easy, stress free way, to make your business more well known and sought after.
All you gotta do is consider hiring me and making use of my services and package deals. 

Why me?
I am a graduate from the State University of Oswego in 2011, with a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies. I specialize in interpersonal communication and am knowledgeable in the area of communicating in a successful yet professional manner. Being a expertise in interpersonal communication, I understand the importance of communicating on a personal level, which is what social networking websites are known for.  This means that our business relationship will not only be handled in a professional manner, we will also be able to be friendly with one another and I will be able to really help achieve all your personal goals for your business. I know the appropriate and most appealing way to reach out and communicate with other people; this can help gather more fans of your business. I am a very organized person with a drive to succeed. I am also someone who believes that happiness is the path to follow. Because of this mindset, I will be able to inspire you and help you reach your happiest level as well. 

Please consider me and my services to better your business! I'd love to help you! 
If you are interested, please shoot me an email! I will respond right away!
I cannot wait to start working with you and for you~

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